One fool's collection of rants on software development

I work for AWS, but anything here is my own opinion.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I read an article (or was it a podcast?) years ago from the perspective of a reporter that was often in war-time scenarios. The reporter did a lot of interviews over many years with refugees from those wars. The refugees that were most “successful” were those that seemed to have a sixth sense for when to stay in a particular location and when to move on.

Your career won’t ever have those sort of stakes, but it’s a skill to know when to stick it out on a team and when to move on.

Making a static site with Hugo and S3

What’s Hugo? Hugo is a static site generator, part of a new wave of sites powered by the JAM stack - JavaScript, APIs, and Markup. JAM stack sites have no backend - they aren’t running node, or PHP, or any sort of framework that would work on top of them like WordPress or Drupal. This means that sites that progressively load in assets - like single page applications (SPAs) - also don’t count.